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Exel 26408-1 Specialty Use Hypodermic Needles (Regular Bevel), 23G x 1" Blue - 100/Box

Exel #26408 Hypodermic Needle - 23g x 1" - 100 per box

The Exel Regular Bevel is constructed using non-toxic and pyrogen free materials to secure that it is completely safe to use by patients. It’s specifically designed in such a way to prevent the spread of illnesses and diseases as a result of accidental needle stick injuries.

  • Needles are packaged individually
  • Non-toxic & non-pyrogenic
  • Sterile 100%
  • Color coded boxes and needs for instantaneous identification
  • SUS - 304 stainless steel

23g x 1" needle - 100 per box

sold by the box


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